Peggy Cross Mining The Depths

Peggy Cross Mining The Depths 2021 Tones of silver plus copper and a raw opal.

What depths? And who is doing the mining for what? This painting is very metallic in its energy and appearance – two colors of silver plus copper and a bit more. It changes color more than any painting I have ever laid brush to. Very dark, like places that valuable ore would be hidden deep in the earth. Or, the depths of one’s mind, one’s being, where all the treasures are hidden. What do you want it to mean? It shines quite brightly in the light – what does that mean? There is no more darkness? The light can overcome the darkness? It will you know, and it is up to you. Let Mining The Depths speak to you with clarity if you dare. Let it be the reflection of your being if you like. Hard or soft? Bright or dark? Flourishing or expiring? How does it feel to you? Who knew what would be the outcome of this endeavor – I surely did not. And then, I never do.