“I just couldn’t not paint any more.” 
                                                                                                           Peggy Cross

This is how I felt in 2008 and so it continues today.

Rothko was my initial inspiration as I  began with solid colors on tiny 4x4 inch canvases, blocks that would easily sit on a flat surface or hang on a wall. These were symbols of Feng Shui teachings related to colors of the Bagua, its Guas, and the Five Elements of Oriental teachings.  Their powerful energy greatly surprised me.  One night I placed each little painting in its respective Gua in my home, to ignite the energies. The next morning, I sat for meditation and immediately felt a charge, like an electric current, surge through my torso at heart chakra level. I intuitively felt it circle around my home counter-clockwise, connecting with each small painting before returning to my body.  The exhilarating result was that, with the passage of this energy, I felt a momentary connection with all that is.  A collection of paintings representing the 9 areas of the Bagua are pictured here.

After a serious car wreck in 2012 my painting spontaneously changed to flowing, circling brushstrokes, visions of energetic colors.  It was only when someone asked me why I painted like this, that I realized it was because that is how I have seen energy move among trees in the forest.  My preferred medium is acrylic paint, no intentional mixing of colors, on stretched canvas. Sometimes one day’s expression begins and ends with my using a single brush to let the colors interact. I like to add subtle sparkles with another acrylic medium, and powdered pigments of gold and silver, and occasionally shavings from chalk pastels.  My favorite size canvas expanded to 30x40 inches, and now, back to large squares.

I fell downstairs in 2015 and broke my dominant right hand. Sad because of not painting, I began again, painting with my left hand, and totally without expectations.  Doing so evoked a stream of flowing tears plus dizziness and, through this unusual experience, I continued to paint. Then – complete exhaustion and collapse. The experience was powerful and disorienting, as well as a little scary, and I repeated it the next day……an inter-dimensional journey according to some. I think I was accessing a different area in my brain. The resultant paintings are distinct in that they exhibit another style of brushwork.

My art continues to be abstractly expressionistic and spiritually guided as I paint with love from my soul.   Once I was aware of Archangel Gabriel’s presence as I completed a painting, "The Highest Good". It had been prompted because I was in the process of editing a book by that title.  Sometimes I now paint with both hands. My intention is to, one day, paint the luminous colors I have seen in my mind's eye and yet have never seen in this visual earth reality.

Some works have messages channeled by loving friends.  The spirit in the art will always have a message and I like to share what I get.  Your message and feelings will likely be different.  People have heard music and seen spirits of various beings in some. This art can be emotionally healing, bringing peace, and raising the vibrations of the viewer. Some paintings are imbued with the energy of prosperity, or joy, powerful change, and all with love.

My vision to assist in creating more joyful, beautiful, and nurturing homes began in the 1980’s, while working in Interior Design in Southwest Florida, .  Then I returned to college, The Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota FL, for an B.F.A.  My vision expanded as I added Feng Shui to my professional repertoire in the 90's. For those who have seen the energy of the universe move, you know how it swirls; that is what the majority of my paintings now show.....that energetic movement. I first saw this creative energy in a forest in North Carolina as glistening, swirling lights that made the trees themselves appear to be dancing.  My vision has expanded further to creating sacred spaces around the world to help people connect with, and live in, higher consciousness.

I was introduced to Peggy Cross's artwork and was blown away by the energy that emanated from it. I asked if I could touch her paintings because it seemed they were talking to me and the energy that went through me was phenomenal. What I realized was that Peggy's art is living and filled with healing, music, and feelings of beauty and joy. It seems that when you look at her art, the art calls to and adopts you. Her art is not a cold observation experience but alive and interactive. When you come to her art shows, ask to feel the paintings. You will not be disappointed.

Linda PK
Norfolk VA
The paintings you create are so captivating because they reflect your exquisite sense of color and dancing brush strokes. But, they are doubly special because you select the colors to amplify a theme or healing energy that you want to exude.
You are really gifted - your art is not only colorfully magnetic, it has soul!!
I know....I was lucky enough to receive two gifts of paintings from you. Though small in dimensions, they are strong joy magnets in the variety of places I have hung them.
Your intuitive gifts and spirituality are transmitted when you paint. Peggy has the invaluable combination of design training and talent, extensive feng shui study, intuitive knowledge of the energy of a place, and insight into personality dyamics to achieve dramatic and nourishing results for clients.
Sandy W.
Graton CA

Each painting is an adventure. I can "fall into" each one and be taken on a journey of the imagination to exotic and far-away places. The journey can change each time I look at the painting again.
Peggy's paintings provide an endless array of opportunities to explore countless universes and possibilities. It's really quite beautiful and breath-taking! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!
Thank you, Peggy!
Regina Heynneman
California, USA