Global Love

Acrylic on Canvas, 2015
Energy: Love, pure universal love.

This painting was inspired by N.C.I.S. and the love of the military brothers followed by the love of an ordinary couple. I painted it left handed as my right wrist had been broken. Midway I was in tears which was augmented by dizziness as I continued to paint. I was in a place of pure love which expanded to nations and all peoples and it took all the emotion and fortitude I had in me, as well as all the paint on the palette, to complete that first day of expression. The next step was bed – exhaustion. I had nothing left to give.

Several people have felt the vortex initially discovered by a shaman friend – stand close and let the center of the painting be opposite one’s heart chakra. Some people slowly rotate, one did become dizzy.

Another felt a cooling in addition to the vortex. The message he received was that this painting is also representative of the energy of the glaciers melting and who we were as a people eons and eons ago....that the painting mirrors the blue of the glaciers.